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  • A-dec 300 – Continental Delivery System

    Challenge: If your handpieces and accessories aren't positioned for optimal comfort and efficiency, you compromise your health and well-being. Solution: A-dec 300 Continental delivery system. An exceptional solution to integrate both technology and comfort into your dental operatory. The A‑dec 300 Continental delivery system plays well with technology and conveniently delivers what you need, where you need it.
  • A-dec 300 – Side Delivery System

    Challenge: When some patients enter a dental operatory, they're intimidated by the dental equipment — especially the delivery system. Solution: A-dec 300 side delivery system. When patients enter a dental operatory with the A‑dec 300 side delivery stowed out of sight, the dental chair becomes the focal point, not the "drills," helping put patients at ease.
  • A-dec 500 – 12 O’clock Duo Delivery System

    Increased productivity: With the A-dec 500 12 o'clock duo delivery system and Preference Collection 5580 treatment console you have everything you need to boost efficiency and work comfortably.
  • A-dec 500 – Continental Delivery System

    Challenge: You often find yourself reaching or even twisting to access everything you need during a procedure. Solution: A-dec 500 Continental delivery system. You're able to provide the best patient care when you're feeling good. That's precisely why the A-dec 500 Continental system delivers comfort. All your accessories are at your fingertips. Handpieces—even electrics—feel light. Everything you need to work comfortably and perform at your best.
  • A-dec 500 – Traditional Delivery System

    Challenge: Instead of comfortably delivering everything you need, your current delivery system requires you or your assistant to reach for equipment or even get up during procedures. Solution: A-dec 500 Traditional delivery system. Comfort and efficiency. That's what you get when your instruments and ancillaries are all neatly integrated into your delivery system. And an uncluttered, streamlined operatory not only improves your efficiency, it also helps create a positive experience for your patients.