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50% off Vatech EzRay Air* intra-oral x-ray unit

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  • Vatech 2D PaX-i Insight

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    PaX-i Insight is a step forward technology from the traditional way of acquiring images along a single focal layer. PaX-i Insight serves multi layers which add depth to panoramic image. Insight simply means more! Find more information from panoramic image. PaX-i Insight allows you to have insight with the depth information. It improves your diagnostic accuracy with increased treatment planning and patient satisfaction. Insight Pan
    • The next evolutionary step forward in panoramic imaging with Insight Pan
    Rapid Ceph
    • 1.9 second acquisition time produces
    • superb image quality Reduced motion artifacts and faster workflow
    User friendly EzDent-i software
    • Powerful diagnostic value with Insight feature
    • Complete solution for consultation
    • Easy to learn, easy to use
    Download brochure Vatech 2D PaX-i Insight Brochure