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We have serviced Australian dental and surgery equipment since 1998.

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We are qualified instrument and electrical fitters with hands-on experience.

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We are committed to providing you with the right equipment to get the BEST results.

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We fitout and service 1,000s of dental and veterinary surgeries all over Australia

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If you need a company to help you find the right dental equipment to suit your procedure style, whether it be 4-handed or 2-handed dentistry, Presidental can help.

Whether your practice is dental, medical or veterinary, you need a company to help you find the right equipment to suit your needs. Presidental can help.

We ask the right questions and get to know your business before offering a solution. This ensures you purchase the right equipment for your needs. You may only need minor adjustments to your equipment or practice to experience real benefits in surgery efficiency, equipment lifespan and team satisfaction.

Our commitment is to make your dental, medical or veterinary clinic excel! That is why Presidental is the #1 choice by some of the leading dental companies in Australia.

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  • A-dec 500 Dental Chair

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    A-dec 500 – a legend, redefined In a world of complex technology and noise, we bring you intelligent simplicity and infallible peace of mind. Designed to function holistically and intuitively, the New A-dec 500 quietly slips into the background, reacting to your every move, without pause. Experience the next level A-dec 500. Take a look at the A-dec 500 Product Brochure [sf_modal header="REQUEST A QUOTE FOR THIS PRODUCT" link_type="button" link_text="Modal link" btn_colour="transparent-dark" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="Request a quote for this product"] [gravityform id="4" title="false" description="false"] [/sf_modal] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg4UstPwvG8
  • NEW PSPIX – Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner

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    SA-S7020006 NEW PSPIX Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner
    • Smallest unit on the market!
    • Very quick scanning times
    • Large and intuitive touch screen
    • Click and scan feature allows scanner to be reserved at the unit rather than each computer, reducing down time
    • Scans Size 1, Size 2, Size 3 and computer stitched bitewing images
    • Sterilisable tray
    • Networkable for up to 10 rooms
    Take a look at the PSPX Brochure
  • AC 300 – Three Cylinder Compressor

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    When quality air matters - Cattani compressors and nothing says reliability like a 7-year warranty There are times when quality air is essential. That’s why Cattani dental air compressors deliver clean, dry, oil-free air to keep your practice and laboratory running. Our compressors are incredibly reliable and low maintenance. Take a look at the AC300 & AC300Q -Technical-Brochure

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    Scanning Reimagined Medit has been at the forefront of realizing the easy entry into digital dentistry. Our innovation will improve your patient's experience. The Medit i700 is the key to unleash your clinic's full potential, with powerful hardware and intelligent software. The Medit i700 makes the scanning experience a comfortable one for both dentist and patient. Medit Plug & Scan Unlike the most scanners in the market, Medit i700 can be directly connected to the PC using power delivery cable without power hub and extra cables. This new feature of Medit i700 improves the mobility and the maintenance. (Minimum system requirement : USB Type-C / USB Power Delivery 5V, 3A Power delivery support) View Brochure
  • Preva Intra-oral X-ray

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    PREVA DC INTRAORAL X-RAY The Preva is the imaging workhorse of the dental office, used to detect cavities or other problem areas. With exceptional image quality and proven mechanics, Preva units are a pleasure to operate with seemingly effortless movement and drift-free positioning. Image Clarity Preva provides a 0.4-mm focal spot for sharp, well-defined details that allow easy identification of pathology with both film and digital sensors. Ease of Use The easy-to-use LCD control panel display with large icons helps to identify target tooth, receptor type and patient size while also offering 30 pre-programmed technique settings. Drift Free The proprietary dual-arm braking system helps the head stay exactly where you position it without sagging or drifting. Ergonomic The Preva system is designed for effortless movement and fast one-handed positioning. View Brochure

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